About WordProof

How do you protect your valuable content? With WordProof Timestamp, you protect your content with blockchain. Claim ownership and prove your integrity to your human readers and search engines. Future proof your website, try WordProof for free!

WordProof consists of three modules:

Automatic Protection

WordProof Timestamp automatically timestamps all updates and new publications.

Blockchain Certificates

View and download your proof of ownership to assist in copyright infringements.

Time-machine (revisions)

All revisions are saved, functioning as a time-machine for your content.

With WordProof you can...

Claim and proof ownership of your content
Improve trust by accepting accountability
Inspire publishers and organizations around the world to prove their integrity
Be prepared for new EU laws (GDPR, Link tax, uploadfilter) automatically

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set it up?

Enter your website's URL, e-mail address, first name and password. You can start a 14 day trial or purchase a plan.

Does WordProof access my WordPress website?

No, we can't access your WordPress website.

How much does it cost?

You can use the 14-day trial to experience the power of blockchain protection. Afterwards, plans start at € 7,50 a month.

Start your WordProof trial now!

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